The Peace Ball

What a time we are living in !!

I started last weekend at the Peace Ball given at the new AA Museum of History and Culture. It was a great event, as it underscored what I know to be true – we need more loving, kindness and forgiveness, as we are standing up to and resisting the  ways of this administration. These are lessons and principles that are not foreign to us. Perhaps they have most recently been underutilized, however, in the face of all of our adversity.

A moment with a friend Cynthia Martin

Anger is within us.  It is a natural human emotion, and can be a motivator for change. We do not get angry about things we do not care about. Anger can also make you sick and cause dis-ease if it is held on for too long and not released in a positive way. It does not take a strong person to be violent, and hateful. We can stand up without hating  someone.

It was a beautiful event in that people of every ethnicity, color, religious persuasion and sexual orientation danced the night away and laughed with each other in harmony and support for creating a country where we all can win.

Perhaps it is all the planets I have in Aquarius, that enabled me to believe that is what was happening, or maybe it was true. Either way I am keeping the dream alive, and doing my part to make it happen. Stand up…Be Kind…


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